This section is intended to give you as much information about the Hall as possible. There are links to other websites where even more information can be obtained.

    overhead view

    How big is the Hall?

    The main hall measures approximately 19.5 metres long x 7.5 metres wide. That’s about 64 feet by 25 feet in “Old Money”.

    How many tables and chairs are there?

    There are 12 “GoPak” aluminium folding tables, each measuring 1.8 metres (6’) wide by .6 metres (2’) deep by .7 metres (2’ 4”) high. Six of the tables are kept to food hygiene standard (Feb 2016) and the other 7 are suitable for craft work and activities. In addition there are 3 shorter "GoPak" tables, the same height but nearly square.


    In the main hall there are 56 folding chairs mounted on moveable trolleys (as of February 2016), 12 infant buffets and 4 gymnasium wooden benches.


    Can we provide alcohol to our guests?

    NO. The management committee has decided that, because the building is primarily for the use of Scouts and Guides, it would be inappropriate to allow the consumption of alcohol or tobacco as part of the hire of the Hall. The Hall is NOT licensed for the supply or consumption of alcohol.

    How many people will the Hall hold?

    It depends! If you are planning to invite pre-teens enjoying energetic activities, then probably no more than 40. If, however, you are intending catering for key stage 1 children, or sedate adults, that number would increase to 60.

    Is there room for a bouncy castle inside the building?

    The building regularly hosts bouncy castle inflatables for children’s birthday parties and similar. If you were to hire Mr Shuffles to provide your castle, he would know exactly which size to bring.

    For latest range of castles available from Mr. Shuffles, go to:

    Do we need to bring our own plates and cutlery?

    Basically, yes. Although we have an assorted collection of hand-me-down cutlery and crockery, you would be best advised to bring your own disposable plates and cutlery. However, we have a massive collection of children’s plastic beakers, so feel free to make use of them.

    What facilities are there in the kitchen?

    There is a five burner gas hob with fan assisted oven, a ‘fridge, two electric kettles, two microwave ovens and a toaster!

    View the inventory by clicking here. The contents are subject to "unauthorised borrowing."

    Can a young person hire the Hall in their own right?

    Hiring a building and being responsible for it, and the safety and welfare of others attending carries an onus only an adult can take on. The Association therefore will only accept a booking from a responsible adult. Once you have confirmed that the date you want is available, we will send you a booking form to complete which is, in effect, the hire contract. A child or young person is not legally competent to enter into a contract.


    Can we leave our rubbish behind?

    YES. Please use the large red BIFFA bins by the Church Hall.

    Will the Hall be warm enough for little ones in winter?

    The heating system is a modern gas-fired boiler with four fan-assisted radiators and is capable of maintaining the Hall at about 18°C even on the coldest of days. The heating will have been set to come on at least an hour before your arrival.

    Is the building accessible under the Disabled Discrimination Act 1995?

    Accessible Toilet

    Disabled access is available to the building from both the car park and from North Park Grove. A new pathway and wheelchair wide gate have been installed to give unrestricted access from the North Park Grove to the Hall door. The Hall has a disabled access toilet. All user areas are at ground level.


    Is the building safe? (Including location of fire extinguishers)

    Yes. It has to meet the very high safety standards required by both Guiding UK and the Scout Association. For example, we have spent £000s installing finger protectors on all accessible doors to prevent trapping accidents. We regularly carry out risk assessments to ensure our safety policies are up to date. The fire extinguishers are serviced annually. You will find a plan drawing of the building included in this document.

    What is the post code for SatNav guests travelling by car?

    The postcode for the entire Church campus is LS8 1JN. We are at the junction of North Park Avenue and Lidgett Park Road. See map.

    What  Parking Facilities Exist?

    There is normally plenty of off street parking in the grounds but as we share the campus facilities we cannot guarantee space, nor can we reserve it. If you use the street to park (not usually a problem) please respect our neighbour's access needs.


    When Must Any Hire Period End?

    We are very conscious that we live in a residential area and, to avoid disturbance to our neighbours, our latest hire time is 9pm.
    Any hire period extending after 7pm will require a returnable £50 cash repair/cleaning bond where the hirer is not known to the Committee.

    Can I arrange a pre-party visit?


    Sorry, No. We understand that it is sometimes helpful for first-time hirers to be able to visit the building before making a decision. However, we have decided that we will rely on word of mouth recommendations and the website photographs to promote our venue.


    How do I pay?


    We now only accept bank transfer payments.

    Our bank details will be included with the booking form.